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Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

I’ve mentioned before that I battle to follow blogs or read magazines because they all seem so fluffy.

Beautiful, tidy...

Is it true?


Guys, stop it. This believing anything and everything because ‘it’s on the internet so it must be true’ thing...

New Year, New Wardrobe

wish list

I hate shopping.


In fact, if someone could take care of outfit choices and finding things that are functional, pretty...

This is what it is

11.ovel_lorenzo-5845 (1)

A lot of what I don’t like about blogging is the overwhelming flood of imagery representing crisp, clean apartments...

9:15 – 4:55

There is an overwhelming influx of bare-minimum workers in the workplace.

Are you one of them? Are you a clock...


This morning, following the realisation that our sound system will not fit in our new lounge, debate ensued. Do...

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