Evidence of life

I’ve mentioned before that I battle to follow blogs or read magazines because they all seem so fluffy.

Beautiful, tidy houses; crisp, tailored OOTD’s; scrumptious meals and tight abs. That’s all great, but I am always left wondering where the mess is. Not chaos, but remnants and evidence of life. Of rushing to work, trying to maintain sanity while running between meetings, grasping for moments on the couch, cramming in some reading, trying to fit in a little exercise and the coffee stains that place themselves in inconvenient places.

It could just be me, but I’m sure there are at least two other people out there who appreciate the calamities of life.

For you two, here are a few blogs I’ve found a little solace in.

The Middle Finger Project

In particular, this post entitled ‘Unfuckwithable’.

The site is peppered with just enough good advice, commiseration and snark.

The Muse

Unlike other job listing sites, The Muse a) is extremely picky about who they work with and b) shares great tips and articles about work life.

I like this post, particularly the part about fear being an indication that you’re onto something great.

10 Minute Dinners

Need an explanation? I’m keen to try this Crockpot Buffalo Chicken out.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


Lady and the Blog

Particularly this post: When you start putting yourself first.

Daily Worth

Their inspiration category is full of gems. I liked this one a lot.

Ok, your turn. Whatcha reading?

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